“Angry Birds Artist Series” - Illustrations by Sam Spratt

A ways back, Rovio commissioned me to create a series of illustrations based on their characters from a certain bajillion-selling game series. These are the first 4 illustrations (Red Bird, Yellow Bird, Black Bird, and King Pig), with more to be revealed in the future.


Bug Pokémon (Part 1)

(Tim Burton Inspired Pokemon Re-Designs)

Creepy crawlies in the trees and the tall grass of Viridian Forest. Take some Repel with you!

Pidgey and its evolutions are next up. Followed by Rattata.


First Gen Starters

(Tim Burton Inspired Pokémon Re-Designs)

First generation starters are done! Whew!

I can’t believe the response this little side-project has gotten though. Crazy! Thanks a lot guys!

And yes, I was planning to finish the 151 at the very least. But I’m pretty busy most of the time so I can’t post these regularly. But I will update when I can. :)

Also, I’ll be responding to the messages some of you have sent… eventually.